Investing With Metaphors: These Three Are Giants!

Aug 23 20:08 2019 Print This Article

A personal secret: investing with metaphors has always enlightened and disciplined me, helping me grow as an individual investor. One of the most fertile areas for applying this axiom has been car collecting since, much like investing, it’s never black and white. The reality is that both are extremely personal.

Both are also cursed by other similarities. In both camps, everyone wants to take the elevator to market literacy and profits. What I preach is that you have to take the stairs, folks (sigh)! Ever notice that on a cruise ship those people taking the stairs look more fit. Those taking the elevator, less so. It’s precisely the same principle with investing and car collecting — simply substitute the word “profitable” for “fit”. 

Okay, so here are the metaphors with three absolute rules that apply to them.

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