Hydrogen in Oil’s Back Yard

Jul 10 19:07 2019 Print This Article

by Debra Fiakas, CFA

As well derricks cast oily shadows across the landscape, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APD:   NYSE) has installed Saudi Arabia’s first hydrogen fueling station.The set up is tucked safely into APD’s new technology center in a science park, but the significance of this incursion into oil and gas country can be felt across the region.The fueling station, which incorporates APD’s SmartFuelhydrogen fueling technology, will service six Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles. Undertaken in cooperation with Saudi Aramco, the project is intended to demonstrate the potential for hydrogen as transportation fuel.

How many Saudi Aramco and APD executives does it take to fuel a car?Hydrogen has potential advantages over conventional fuels, including Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas.  First, hydrogen is versatile.  It can be used in fuel cells like APD’s SmartFuel innovation or it can be burned directly in internal combustion engines.  Second, hydrogen is abundant and can be made readily available all over the world.

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