Home care policies failing workers and patients in Ontario

Jan 28 18:01 2020 Print This Article

Zaid Noorsumar

"The conditions of work are the conditions of care."

Natalie Mehra, executive director, Ontario Health Coalition

As a nurse, Althea Quinn's instinct was to spend more time with the husband of the dying woman she was attending to during a home visit. 

"It was obvious that she was going to die fairly soon. And the husband was [taking care of her] all by himself," she says. "So if I was in long-term care, I would have given a lot more time to that patient and that husband to make sure that [they were okay]."

But when she called the office to ask if she could stay longer, she was told to "go on to the next one." 

"I felt it was hard-hearted. That was the purpose of having a nurse come in [to care for people]," she says. "And the stupid thing is I went to the next one, and it was the same circumstances. She was dying too. And it just seems the families were overwhelmed. They didn't know what to expect."

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