GOLD – Higher, Then Lower, Then Skyward - David Brady (10/01/2019)

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Jan 10, 2019


The recent 20% dump in stocks triggered growing expectations

of a Fed reversal in monetary policy back to interest rate cuts and QE. To the

extent that the nascent rally in stocks since the start of the year continues,

those expectations are likely to recede and put pressure on Gold.

The Fed is “talking” dovish, but its purpose is hawkish: to

push stocks higher in order to enable further rate hikes. Higher stocks and the

increasing risk of higher interest rates are likely to weigh on Gold in the

near future.

Ultimately, the Fed will be forced to reverse policy to

avoid a collapse in stocks, which will contribute to dollar weakness,

triggering a massive rally in Gold.

U.S.-China trade talks are unlikely to be resolved

voluntarily, because President “Xi will NEVER allow the U.S. to dictate China’s

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