Financial Literacy Starts at Home

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By Sheila Walkington, Co-Founder and CFO Money Coaches Canada

When it comes to topics of money and Canadians, Money   Coaches Canada has a great vantage point. Through our interactions with clients, our involvement with the media, our  frequent blog posts and our social media connections—we are in the privileged position of hearing Canadians’ hopes, interests, aspirations and concerns related to money and personal finance.

Over the years, we have written extensively on nearly every topic related to personal money management. One of the topics that elicits the greatest response is kids and money. And the comment we hear most is: “I wish I had learned to handle money sooner.”

When it comes to teaching kids about money, there are a lot of different opinions on how, and where (at school or at home?) it should be done. But there is agreement on one thing; kids need a financial education so that they can make intelligent choices about money at every stage of life.

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