Canature Partners with UV-LED Solutions Provider Acuva Technologies

Oct 17 15:10 2019 Print This Article

Acuva Technologies, a company based in British Columbia that provides advanced UV-LED water purification solutions, has partnered with Canature, a manufacturer of residential and commercial water treatment systems and components in China.

“This partnership with Acuva helps us achieve our mission Healthy Water Anytime, Anywhere! to protect the world’s water as our life source and key to health,” said Raymond Qu, vice chairman of Canature. “UV-LED water disinfection is an incredible scientific advancement that allows us to offer a more sustainable water treatment option to protect health and environment.”

Water disinfection systems that utilize UV-LEDs are growing in popularity for their added efficiency and ability to enable new applications, according to Acuva. As a result, the scope of NSF/ANSI 55 standards for Ultraviolet Treatment Systems have been expanded to include critical UV-LED system benchmarks to ensure products meet strict standards and procedures to protect public health.

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