Are You Ready For The Next Rally In Silver? - Craig Hemeke (13/03/2018)

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March 13, 2018

COMEX silver prices are largely unchanged year-to-date, despite a

falling U.S. dollar and historically bullish CoT structure. So today we ask,

are you ready for the next rally?

If the title of this post sounds familiar, it should. We posed a

similar question regarding gold back in December, and you can review those

posts here:

Those forecasts of an early 2018 rally in gold prices turned out

quite well, as COMEX gold bottomed near $1,240 on December 12 and then rallied

to $1,365 on January 25. That's almost exactly 10% in about six weeks.

Well, here we are in March of 2018, and it appears that the next COMEX

metal to rally will be silver. We wrote about the basis of this idea last week.

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