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Remember a while back when there was all that consternation about this being a climate change election, and how nobody but the Liberals wanted that?  Well, guess who is once again making the election about climate change.

C’mon, guess!  You won’t believe this, but it’s Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.  Again.

This week, Scheer fired off a sanctimonious letter to the prime minister over a new set of fuel regulations set to come in force in 2022.  Scheer was aghast — aghast! — the government would put regulations on fuel and accused the Liberals of initiating a kind of secret tax on fuel.

While the final regulations have not been released, a draft of the regulations explained to reporters last month would require liquid fossil fuels — which is to say, gas and diesel — to lessen their carbon intensity by 10 to 12 percent by 2030, from 2016 levels.  In Scheer’s letter, he says this could cost somewhere around $0.04 per litre of gasoline.

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