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A recent EKOS poll found "the incidence of [Canadians] thinking there are too many visible minorities is up significantly and no longer trails opposition to general immigration (as it has historically)."

Here is a picture that shows the question EKOS asked, and the long-term trend in Canadians' responses to this question (click on the picture to make it bigger):

The poll generated a certain amount of discussion (e.g. here and here). Andray Domise, writing in Macleans, observed:

And given that Canada‘s immigrant population is fairly broadly distributed between a range of countries (unlike the U.S., for example, where the plurality of immigrants come from Mexico), there is no real basis in fact for this “too many visible minorities” sentiment. Only the deeply wonkish would have a working knowledge of the ethnic makeup of Canada’s immigrant population, which effectively made EKOS’ poll a litmus test on Canadian racism.

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