A starter TFSA with a few too many moving pieces

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Me and My TFSA


AGE, 26

PLACE: Hamilton, Ont.

TFSA TOTAL: $7,732

STRATEGY: Still looking for an easy, lost-cost growth strategy



RBF1008 Global Bond Fund SR D                           $1,005

RBF1022 U.S. Equity Fund (Cdn.) Series D                 580

RBF1025 RBC O’Shaughnessy U.S. Value Fund      1,265

RBF1035 RBC Global Div. Growth Series D             1,785

IGM Financial Inc. common shares                           1,124

Total equity mutual funds:                                      $5,759

Fixed income    

VAB Vanguard Cdn. Aggregate Bond Index           $965

ZFL   BMO Long Federal Bond Index                       986

Total fixed income ETFs:                                     $1,973

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