760,000 Cars Are Compatible With CHAdeMO (1.3 Million Including Tesla)

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CHAdeMO still keeps a strong position, but changes are coming.

CHAdeMO Association released interesting numbers on the CHAdeMO fast charging standard popularity, using EV-Volumes.com data.

As it turns out, among about 5 million plug-in cars of any kind sold globally, two-thirds are BEVs and one third are PHEVs. 49% of all plug-ins are fast-rechargeable.

The most popular fast charging standard in the case of the 67% BEVs that are equipped for fast charging are:

GB/T (in China) – 37%

CHAdeMO – 22%

Tesla* (different types) – 22%

CCS Combo (two types) – 13%

AC Type 2 (3-phase) – 6%

* Tesla uses different solutions in particular markets/models

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