Canada’s National Housing Strategy Announced, Who Really Wins?

Nov 22 23:11 2017 Print This Article


Although Canada’s Federal Liberal Government has JUST announced the overview of the new National Housing Strategy I thought it important to get our first initial thoughts out given the importance of the intended and unintended consequences of the details they have released so far.  MUCH more analysis coming soon, but I hope you find these initial observations helpful:

Rental Market vs Housing Market: The Impact Differs Substantially

As with many of the recent provincial and federal government announcements, the reality, vs the marketing, will be hidden in the legislation.  What we have found is that the ideas and policies, although based in problem solving aren’t often implemented towards the stated goal (see Fair Housing Act in Ontario and the negative long-term effect on creation of new rental properties in the province.) It is difficult to see how much more ‘affordable’ rent will become, even with the proposed $200 Federal rental subsidy, if policies, like those legislated in Ontario and being discussed in BC which are reducing supply right as demographic demand is increasing.

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