WealthBar is Canada's first and only full-service online financial advisor. They help thousands of Canadians save time and money with online personal financial planning facilitated by real financial advisors and offer professionally managed investment strategies that are a faction of the cost of traditional mutual funds while also offering better diversification

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Tea Nicola

Tea Nicola, co-founder of WealthBar, is passionate about personal finance and wants to help people understand how small changes can make a big difference. Originally a mechanical engineer, she later spent years working as a financial advisor and advisor trainer. Tea is excited about transforming the way Canadians get personal financial advice.

Chris Nicola

Chris, co-founder of WealthBar, is a software engineer and has a M.Sc in applied math. His experience with wealth management started with his first job, working in IT at his father's wealth management firm when he was 14. Many ideas that have gone into WealthBar are the result of many years spent working to modernize the business of financial advice.

Latest Articles

5 Reasons to Switch to a Robo-Adviser

If the term robo-adviser conjures up images of C-3PO controlling your money, relax: we’re not robots. So, why are Canadians making the switch to a robo-adviser? We leverage technology to create a modern online experience for the benefit of our cli...

Market Update. US equity markets light up to record highs before the 4th of July

July equity markets have started with a bang. On the eve of the US Independence Day, the Fourth of July holiday, all major US market indices closed at new record highs, including the Dow, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. The high follows hot on a tremen...

Get a better understanding of account performance with newly enhanced charts

At WealthBar, we’re committed to making your investments easy to understand. That’s why, when we recently enhanced our performance chart to show contributions as well as market value, we took a slightly unconventional approach. Specifically, the...

4 Investment Risks Worth Taking in Your 30s

Your thirties may just be the best decade of your life. Baby boomers and those who live past 100 alike are most nostalgic for these years. It’s easy to see why. This is typically the decade when people become more financially secure and their car...

Take money out of an RRSP? Sometimes it is the smart move

Is it ever a good idea to take money out of an RRSP before you retire? Most of the time, that’s a big no-no. It does happen, though, more often than you might think. Nearly 40 percent of Canadians withdraw funds early from RRSPs, according to a re...