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Joshua M. Brown is a New York City-based financial advisor and the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. The Reformed Broker began in November of 2008 and has become one of the most widely-read sites on the financial web. This blog is about markets, politics, economics, media, culture and finance. Joshua uses statistics, satire, anecdotes, pop culture references, sarcasm, fact, fantasy and any other device necessary to get his points across. The Reformed Broker is a forecast-free blog.

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Chart o’ the Day: Synchronized Global Meh

My friend Ari Wald has a good note out this weekend from his perch as Oppenheimer’s market technician. He points out this year, interest rates have risen above 3% after a decade below, and that the last time we’ve seen something like this occurre...

This Week on TRB

I got to check out Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators at the Paramount this week thanks to my pal Joe Fahmy, a friend of the band. It was incredible to watch them do their show and hang out beforehand with Brent, Myles and the whole crew. ...

Clips From Today’s Halftime Report

Four names before the weekend from CNBC. ......

What a week.

This past February, investors were amazed by the return of volatility to US stocks, as roughly one trillion dollars in market value had been wiped out in the span of just a few weeks. It took the entire year to recover through the end of September, a...