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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association. He is the publisher and editor of TheDailyGold Premium, a publication which emphasizes market timing and stock selection for precious metals investors. The Daily Gold was recently anmed one of the top 50 Investment Blogs by DailyReckoning and WalletHub

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Jordan Roy-Byrne

Publisher and editor of The Daily Gold Premium


As an avid follower of gold and silver over the last few years, I really like what this site has to offer – great commentary, podcasts, technical charts etc. - reader

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Featured in CNBC, Barrons, Financial Times Alphaville, Kitco and Yahoo Finance. Books: The Coming Renewal of Gold's Secular Bull Market (2015)

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TheDailyGold Premium Update #557

TheDailyGold Premium #557 was published and emailed to subscribers late Saturday evening. The 25-page update included our near-term posture on the sector, a lengthy Q&A section (in which we answer subscriber questions) and an updated report on one o...

Interview: Gold Needs to Show Strength in Real Terms

With gold and gold stocks rebounding this week Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of TheDailyGold.com shares some nuances that he is watching. He points to the HUI gold bugs index that last week closed at a 14 month low. Combining this with gold u...

Will Gold Breakout Now or Later?

Gold has rallied back close to trendline resistance. Will it push through this time? That will depend on if Gold can breakout in real terms (against stocks, currencies) as its strength over the past year as been driven by only US$ weakness. Click H...

Flash Update (2/15)

The 10-page flash update was published and emailed to subscribers late Wednesday evening. We provide an update of two of our companies that popped nearly 20% and comment on the sector action.     ...

What the Stock Market Decline Means for Gold & Gold Stocks

    It was a rough week for investors in stocks and stocks of all kinds. The S&P 500 lost 5%. Emerging Markets also lost 5%. Gold Stocks, which had weakened before the broader equity market have been hit hard. They (GDX, GDXJ) also lost 5% last w...