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TF Metals Report is a blog and online community about the "end of the Great Keynesian Experiment." Craig Hemke shares his thoughts and insights as to precious metals trends and the financial markets.

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Craig Hemke

Craig Hemke, aka "Turd Ferguson," was a licensed securities "professional" for nearly twenty years. Disgruntled by the fraud known as "financial services", he retired to a career as a serial entrepreneur in 2008.

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Here Comes Jackass Cottontail

With TF 2 Comments | 2 Likes What's a holiday weekend at TFMR without a visit with our old friend, The Golden Jackass himself, Jim Willie. Over the course of this call, we primarily update a few of the recurring themes we've been following for ...

Thursday Conversation - Danielle DiMartino Booth

With TF 8 Comments | 2 Likes Danielle DiMartino Booth is a former advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. This experience gives her a unique perspective on the moves of the global central banks in 2019. Thus, you should be certain to carve...

Until The End Of The World

By TF 19 Comments | 7 Likes I took the money. I spiked your drink. You miss too much these days if you stop to think. Well, it's once again Holy Thursday. The three-day Easter holiday weekend awaits us after the close today and we'll get to all...

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 17

With TF 8 Comments | 9 Likes Don't forget that this is a holiday-shortened week so, with a Thursday Conversation scheduled for tomorrow and some "holiday audio" pegged from Friday, this is likely your final regular podcast until Monday. Therefore...

The Continued Pounding

By TF 32 Comments | 6 Likes The Comex digital metals attempted to bounce a little earlier but they were immediately set upon by aggressive sellers and now both are now negative for the 93rd consecutive day. OK, it's not really 93 straight days ...