Mark Goldberg

Mark Goldberg has more than 35 years of international experience in strategic planning, managing, designing and implementing telecommunications carrier networks. His background includes heading the Network Services organization for one of Canada's largest long distance companies, developing the network architecture for competition in Canada, design of the US Government Voice Network, creating the business plan for Canada's Information Highway initiative, and helping international entrepreneurs launch traditional and enhanced telecommunications services. He holds a Masters degree in Mathematical statistics from Carleton University and a Bachelor's in Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario

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No one does a better job of exploring, interpreting or criticizing telecommunications policy in Canada. Period. - itWorld Canada

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Ranked one of Canada's top 10 technology bloggers in April 2008- itWorld Canada

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Majority isn’t always right

I came across an interesting article in The Guardian from a few years ago that is perhaps somewhat relevant to the very public discussion about Canada’s telecommunications industry. Three years ago, Julian Baggini wrote “Think democracy means th...

Evidence-based policy making

Over the years, I have tried to draw attention to the need for better, and deeper statistical analysis to help guide policy making in Canadian telecom. I’m not just talking about public opinion polling, especially internet-based surveys that are o...

Endorsing facilities-based competition

Before I went on vacation, I left a few posts to whet our appetites in anticipation of today’s filing of a report by the Competition Bureau. In “Climbing the ladder of investment” [November 12, 2019], I provided a number of quotations endorsin...

Do market results rule out the need to mandate MVNOs?

A big week ahead for telecom regulatory departments. The revised schedule for the CRTC’s review of mobile wireless services (TNC 2019-57) are due on November 22, with the oral hearing phase scheduled to begin February 18, 2020. Final submissions ...

Accelerating 5G in Canada

Earlier today, CWTA released a report developed by Accenture Strategy examining how the deployment of 5G wireless networks will benefit both cities and rural communities. The report, “Accelerating 5G in Canada — Benefits for Cities and Rural Com...