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MoneySense is a Canadian personal finance and lifestyle magazine published by Rogers Publishing Limited, a division of Rogers Communications.Written for Canadians who want to take financial control of their lives, MoneySense is Canada's best-selling investment and lifestyle magazine, helping readers make smart, informed decisions about how to get the most from their money. The magazine has received many awards, including multiple National Magazine Awards and CFA Society Toronto Awards.

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David Aston

David is a freelance journalist who writes about personal finance, investments and retirement. He writes mainly for MoneySense Magazine, but also for the Globe and Mail and Canadian Business Magazine. He is best known for writing the Retirement feature for MoneySense, where he is a Contributing Editor.

Bruce Sellery

Bruce Sellery is a Canadian business journalist, television news anchor, keynote speaker, and coach. Sellery is one of the founding journalists at CTV’s Business News Network. Founded Moolala ( - a personal finance training company dedicated to inspiring people to get a handle on their money so they can live the life they want. Finally, Bruce Sellery was the personal finance expert/ host on Oprah Winfrey Network’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood

Norm Rothery

Norm is the founder of and publishes a variety of investment newsletters including The Rothery Report. In addition, he has contributed to several best-selling books on personal finance. Norm was the chief investment strategist at Dan Hallett and Associates Inc. He provided financial planning services to a select group of clients on a fee-for-service basis. Previously, Norm worked as's chief investment strategist and eventually took on the title of chief technology officer. Norm obtained his doctorate in high-precision atomic physics from York University where he also holds undergraduate degrees in physics and applied mathematics. Norm is the author of an investment blog, Value Hunter.


“I find it informative as it has articles on a variety of topics in a manner that I can understand (every day, simple language).”

Awards & Publications

Canadian Business- Books: MoneySense Guide to Retiring Wealthy - 2011 Awards: 2014- Journalist of the Year - Toronto CFA Society 2014- Honourable Mention, 2013 National Magazine Awards 2014- 2nd Prize, 2013-2014 PMA

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