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Money Coaches Canada is the nation’s leading provider of advice-only financial planning and money coaching. Money Coaches Canada (MCC) is a national network of such professionals—skilled and credible financial experts with a range of professional training and accreditations. Although each brings a unique style and specialty, MCC coaches all believe in using an accessible, collaborative, plain language approach for helping clients reach their goals.

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Sheila Walkington

Sheila Walkington is co-founder of Money Coaches Canada - a national network of fee-only Money Coaches and Financial Planners. Sheila has been working as a Money Coach since 2004, when CBC interviewed her as one of the first Money Coaches in Canada. Sheila trains and mentors financial professionals across Canada who want to offer fee-for-service money coaching services.

Karin Mizgala

Karin has more than 25 years' experience in the financial services industry, and has worked as a financial planner, bank manager, investment advisor, financial educator and life skills counsellor. She is currently the co-founder and CEO of Money Coaches Canada and the Women's Financial Learning Centre.


Visionary, natural leader, collaborator, and strategic planner, Karin Mizgala is a dynamic and skilled business woman- Karen Collacutt

Awards & Publications

Co-Author: UNSTUCK: How to Get Out of Your Money Rut and Start Living the Life You Want, Your Money Map: How to Plan and Organize Your Money to Create Your Ideal Life

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