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Author, Garth Turner has been a member of the Canadian Parliamant for nine years, serving as Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister (in charge of Canada Revenue Agency), national leadership contender (Progressive Conservative Party of Canada), House of Commons Standing Committee member and chairman (Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Finance), Special Advisor to the Leader of the Official Opposition. He is a member of the Privy Council of Canada. In addition, Garth is an ambitious entrepreneur – founder and CEO of Canada’s largest independent producer of network television, providing programming to CTV, Global, YTV and others. He founded and successfully operated chain of six community newspapers in Ontario as well as founded and operated eco-tourism and hospitality company aggregating and restoring heritage properties.

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Books: (14 in total) Greater Fool: The Troubled Future of Real Estate (2008) 2020 New Rules for the New Age (2002) The Defence: Guarding your Money in Uncertain Times (1998) 2015 After The Boom: Revised. How to Prosper Through the Coming Retirment Crisis (2002) The Little Book of Financial Wisdom (

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Dr. Garth

The doctor is IN. Who’s first? Hey Garth: I’m 30 and have been reading your blog since 2013, which has saved me from making too many major financial mistakes. So thanks for that.  Oh, except that I quit my job to travel for a year back in Sep...

Tale of two cities

For me John Tory will forever live as a disembodied voice coming from my chunky ‘90s cell phone. Tory was running the backroom election campaign for Prime Minister Kim Campbell (remember her?) and I was a cabinet minister traveling the country tr...


When the official numbers emerge in a week or so, the extent of social engineering will become obvious. Vancouver is pooched. Socialism doesn’t work. You cannot make things cheaper by taxing them more. Every politician in Canada should be watchin...


 By Guest Blogger Doug Rowat For sports-collectible enthusiasts like me this is a big week. While there are many iconic sports cards, the two most important are the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Both transcend the sport...

The law

Four years ago I offered on a quirky building, saw that offer accepted, then had second (spouse-related) thoughts. “What,” she asked, eyes narrowing, nostrils flaring slightly, “were you possibly thinking?” I slunk away to close the deal, s...