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This blog is about economics that matters: for public policy; for Canadians; and for others. Run by Miles Corak, an award winning economist and writer, the blog is intended for an audience of engaged citizens who have a curiosity about economics and how it can inform public policy. Miles Corak is a professor at the University of Ottawa trained in labour economics, and working on child rights, poverty, immigration, social and economic mobility, unemployment, and social policy. He is also a member of the Economic Council of Advisors to Liberal Party of Canada.

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Miles Corak

Publications: Writer for Globe & Mail blog called Economy Lab - Writer for PBS NEWSHOUR blog MakingSen$e - Edited three books: Generational Income Mobility in North America and Europe -2004 Research Institute Affiliations: Institute for the Study of Labor, the Standford Center on Poverty and Inequality, the Inequality Measurement, Interpretation, and Policy Network of the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration, the Institute for Research on Public Policy, the C.D. Howe Institute, and the Broadbent Institute. Awards: 2012- “Excellence in Media Relations Award” from the University of Ottawa 2009- co-authored paper “Economic Mobility, Family Background, and the Well-Being of Children in Canada and the United States,” won the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management’s “Best Comparative Paper Award” 2014- pa

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Poverty and equality of opportunity: three pictures to motivate policy for social mobility

Read my comments presented to the Public Economics Forum on “Intergenerationally Disadvantaged: Newest Evidence and What it Means for Policy,” organized by the Melbourne Institute for Applied Economic and Social Research, on November 26th, 2019 ...

Tax the rich! Tax the rich! Tax the rich? But why?

Jagmeet Singh’s promise in his election night speech that “we’re going to make sure the super wealthy start paying their fair share” was met with cheers, the decibel level rising as his fellow New Democrats chanted: “Tax the rich! Tax the ...

My Mandate Letter for the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development

The first step a newly elected Prime Minister takes on the road to governing is choosing the members of cabinet and giving them their marching orders. Prime Minister Trudeau set to this task with zeal when he was first elected in the autumn of 2015,...

How do the party platforms address the changing nature of work, pay, and poverty?

The world of work is changing and creating anxiety about jobs and incomes. There is some overlap on how the major parties contesting the Canadian federal election propose to deal with these challenges, but the Conservatives are definitely the outlie...

Intergenerational mobility between and within Canada and the United States

Intergenerational mobility is lower in the United States than in Canada, but the border only partially distinguishes the two countries with mobility varying significantly within each. The within-country differences and similarities hint at some of t...