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Canadian Mortgage Trends (CMT) delivers the latest mortgage news in Canada for homeowners, online mortgage brokers, and real estate professionals. Author, Rober McLister is one of Canada’s best-known mortgage experts, a mortgage columnist for The Globe and Mail, editor of (CMT) and founder of intelliMortgage Inc. and Robert created CMT in 2006. The publication now attracts 550,000+ annual readers, is a four-time Canadian Mortgage Awards recipient and has been named one of Canada’s best personal finance sites by the Globe & Mail. Prior to entering the mortgage world, Robert was an equities trader for eleven years and a finance graduate from the University of Michigan Business School.

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A Not-So-Hot Spring: May Housing Stats

The usually busy spring and summer Canadian housing market is less so this season, according to the May data from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Sales have not picked up from the first quarter of 2017 as expected, and are down 16.2 percent yea...

The Latest in Mortgage News – The Stress Test & A Slowing Housing Market

There’s been no shortage of new data pointing to slower home sales and tempered price growth across the country. Most of the blame has been directed at OSFI’s new stress test, which preceded the slowdown when it came into effect on January 1. Her...

7 Things Brokers Need to Know About Live Video

In this day and age, video is by far the most preferred type of online content. This is important to keep in mind for brokers wanting to develop an effective social media strategy to stay connected with their clients. According to Sandvine, 70% of No...

Broker Lender Market Share – Q1 2018

Credit unions saw their slice of the broker pie shrink in Q1. That comes despite OSFI’s January 1 stress test, which played right into their hands given they are provincially regulated. Broker market share for CUs fell 0.6% versus Q1 2017. Less com...

Q2 2018 Bank Earnings – Mortgage Morsels

The majority of Canada’s Big Six banks beat expectations for second-quarter earnings, despite slowing real estate activity and tighter lending rules for uninsured mortgages. Both RBC and Scotiabank posted 6% year-over-year increases in their reside...