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As an experienced fund manager, Eddy Elfenbein created Crossing Wallstreet to help investors avoid the mistakes that separate successful investors made. The key to doing well on Wall Street is actually very simple: Buy and hold shares of outstanding companies. But too many investors never learn this valuable lesson. He gives investors his free and unbiased view of the market. Eddy analyze's dozens of companies every week and is always looking over income statements and balance sheets. He's spent several years collecting a list of the best companies to own. His buy list is on Crossing Wallstreet. All of the information on this site is free and unbiased.

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Morning News: January 23, 2020

Gas Exports Have a Dirty Secret: A Carbon Footprint Rivaling Coal’s Climate Change Could Cause the Next Financial Meltdown How Tech Taxes Became the World’s Hottest Economic Debate China Expands Travel Restrictions as Virus Deaths Climb China Po...

Alpha Pro Tech: The Diaster Stock

Check out the chart of Alpha Pro Tech (APT): Notice a pattern. APT spikes any time there’s fear of a virus outbreak. APT shot up 40% on Tuesday. Here’s a description from Hoovers: Don’t look for Alpha Pro Tech’s gowns on the Paris runway; t...

Morning News: January 22, 2020

As World Economy Shifts Gears, Trade Growth Slows Trade War’s Pain May Deepen Even as Tensions Abate China Seeks to Contain Virus as Case Reported in Hong Kong Renewable Energy Prices Hit Record Lows: How Can Utilities Benefit From Unstoppable Sol...

Eagle Is “undervalued and priced for low-to-mid teens total returns”

A reader passed along a thoughtful article on Eagle Bancorp (EGBN) at Seeking Alpha. Here’s the conclusion, but I recommend reading the whole thing: Eagle has a strong performance track record in the D.C. area, and I continue to view that as an at...

Morning News: January 21, 2020

IMF Finds New Reasons to Worry About the Global Economy CEOs Are More Pessimistic About the Global Economy Than They’ve Been in 8 Years Trump Acclaims His Own Economic Achievements: Davos Update China Virus Sends Shiver Through Markets as Risks Mo...