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As an experienced fund manager, Eddy Elfenbein created Crossing Wallstreet to help investors avoid the mistakes that separate successful investors made. The key to doing well on Wall Street is actually very simple: Buy and hold shares of outstanding companies. But too many investors never learn this valuable lesson. He gives investors his free and unbiased view of the market. Eddy analyze's dozens of companies every week and is always looking over income statements and balance sheets. He's spent several years collecting a list of the best companies to own. His buy list is on Crossing Wallstreet. All of the information on this site is free and unbiased.

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MLK: Street Sweeper Speech

Here’s one of MLK’s lesser-known speeches but I think it deserves a greater hearing: ...

Morning News: January 21, 2019

Eve-of-Davos Survey Shows People Place Trust in Companies Over Governments Data Dependent? Five Questions for the ECB China’s Slowdown Looms Just as the World Looks for Growth China’s Economy, by the Numbers, Is Worse Than It Looks U.S.-China Tr...

WSJ on Raytheon’s Thomas Phillips

The Wall Street Journal on Raytheon’s CEO Thomas Phillips: He was born of Greek parents in Istanbul and originally named Athanasius Leonidas Philippides. His father died within a few years of the son’s birth. He, his sister and his mother left...

Fiserv Bounces Back

After the First Data deal was announced, shares of Fiserv dropped sharply. The market apparently has reconsidered the deal, and it seems to like it. Shares of Fiserv have rallied back strongly and it’s now 3.7% higher than it was before the deal. ...

CWS Market Review – January 18, 2019

”It’s amazing how difficult it is for a man to understand something if he’s paid a small fortune not to understand it.” – John C. Bogle Behold the Boxing Day Bounce! Since December 26, the S&P 500 has gained more than 12.3% off its Decemb...