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The Conference Board builds leadership capacity for a better Canada by creating and sharing insights on economic trends, public policy and organizational performance. The foremost independent, evidence-based, not-for-profit applied research organization in Canada.The Conference Board is funded exclusively through the fees we charge for services to the private and public sectors. They are leading experts in: conducting, publishing, and disseminating research and forecasting, economic analysis and specialists in economic trends, as well as organizational performance and public policy issues. Conference Board is not a government department or agency, although are frequently hired by government services.

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How Can We Predict the Success of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada?


Exports Stall, Imports Rise in May

The Conference Board of Canada’s Senior Economist Doris Chu offers the following perspectives/insights on the merchandise trade data for May: Quote “May’s merchandise trade numbers highlight the ongoing struggles in the trade sector. Althoug...

Labour Force Expansion Leads Unemployment Rate Up

The Conference Board of Canada’s Economist Cory Renner offers the following perspectives/insights on Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey data for June: Quote “Today’s release provides a first indication that labour market slack may be e...

Canada's first national accessibility law tabled in Ottawa

CBC News, June 21, 2018, Michelle McQuigge - Canadians with disabilities felt a surge of tempered optimism on Wednesday as they watched Canada table its first piece of federal legislation aimed at improving accessibility for people with disabiliti...

Sense-Making With Strategic Foresight: Scanning for Future Disruptions


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