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CB Insights analyzes data on private companies in emerging industries to provide predictive intelligence on company health and strategy, investor performance and technology adoption trends. They aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data and use machine learning, algorithms and data visualization to help corporations replace search engines, and corporate financial institutes, so they can answer massive strategic questions using probability not punditry. With backing from the National Science Foundation and venture capital investors, CB Insights mines terabytes of data and knowledge contained in patents, venture capital financings, M&A transactions, hiring, startup and investor websites, news sentiment, social media chatter, hiring activity and more.

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We're using CB Insights at Salesforce Ventures to analyze industry trends that are relevant to our strategy. It's helped improve our efficiency. - Matt Garratt, Sr. Director Corporate Development, Salesforce

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Inc. 5000 2015: The Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies #560 Named 1 of 15 Enterprise Companies to Watch in NYC- Pando

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