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This blog is about Canada-United States cross border legal issues. Some of the authors are practicing lawyers and some are law students. This is a forum for discussion that presents an opportunity for law students to contribute and become known to potential employers in this dynamic area of the law.

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Cyndee Cherniak

Cyndee Todgham Cherniak is the founding lawyer of LexSage, a boutique international trade law and sales tax firm in Toronto, Ontario. She has practiced for almost 20 years at Canada’s top Bay Street law firms.

Susan Kohn Ross

Su’s practice focuses on compliance whether dealing with cybersecurity/privacy or import/export. She deals with regulatory, civil and criminal issues. Her clients come to her for assistance to solve current challenges but also to identify and manage risk.


“Cyndee is the leading authority on HST tax law. She recently gave a presentation to our business group and I was impressed with her depth of knowledge and it became very evident how under prepared most - Christine Aquin Pope

Awards & Publications

Judicial Advisory Committee for the Tax Court of Canada - Minister of Justice (2014)

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To this point, nothing official has been published about changes to the 301 tariffs on Chinese goods, not even a Tweet!  What has circulated is the comments from President Trump on October 11 from the White House that negotiations with the Chinese w...

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Originally published by the Journal of Commerce in October 2019 As the deadline to file List 3 exclusions requests for goods from China (the 301 investigation) has now expired, there is the opportunity to take a bit of a deep breath and survey the t...

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Originally published by the Journal of Commerce in September 2019 As we continue to be engulfed by the ever changing landscape of the China 301 tariffs, a bit of fresh air – meaning other topics – were actually discussed as a recent trade event....

Tariff Turmoil Gets Hotter!

As has been widely reported, on Friday, first President Trump announced and then USTR Lighthizer confirmed the 301 tariffs on goods out of China will increase. Specifically, the tariffs on the goods on Lists 1, 2 and 3 will rise from 25% to 30% star...